The Wonderful 101 info

The Wonderful 101 info

Toilet Bowl Man?

The Wonderful 101 is one of the more interesting games currently in development for the Wii U. A press release from Nintendo tells us a little bit more about it:

Strength in Numbers

Planet Earth is under attack from an invasion of enormous aliens, and the only thing that can protect the planet is a group of unlikely, yet mighty, heroes with special abilities. Unfortunately, the aliens are too powerful for the heroes to fight individually. They must join forces and work together to defeat their common enemy. These uniquely different heroes can morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders or turn into objects like a giant fist or bridge to interact with and traverse the environments.

    The Wonderful 101 features:
  • Players must explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join their army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the greater your Special Morph Powers will be.
  • Players can use the Wii U GamePad's touch screen to command heroes such as Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man and even Toilet Bowl Man. Heroes can also morph into gelatin to guard themselves from enemy attacks.
  • Players can also use the GamePad to explore areas unseen on the TV screen and solve puzzle elements.
  • Platinum Games, known for hit titles like Bayonetta (see Bayonetta 2) and MadWorld, has partnered with Nintendo to apply its unique talent to the development of one of the first games for Wii U.

The Wonderful 101 is penned for release during the Wii U launch window, with a price yet to be announced. Probably $59.99.

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danfango said:

I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one, they could have chosen a better name, though.

1 decade ago

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