What is Wii?

Wii is a games console from Japan's gaming corporation Nintendo. Wii was released in the fourth quarter of 2006 with aims to change the face of gaming, with a revolutionary controller and new types of games Nintendo hoped to attract gamers who had never previously played.

Also with its virtual console software, Wii targeted seasoned gamers with the ability to play titles from previous consoles such as the original NES, Super NES, N64, Sega Genesis (also known as Mega Drive) and the TurboGrafix 16. This allowed older gamers to relive their favourite games and younger players to catch up on titles they may have missed out on. Gamecube discs are also playable on the Wii.

Wii had a strong lineup of games produced, familiar characters like Mario and Link will made strong appearances, as well as new franchises.

Instead of just focusing on better graphics like their rivals, Nintendo focused on delivering an improved, fun playing experience with better interactivity. The Wii also retailed at a lower price than the other consoles. The Wii console was a hugely successful, both in terms of sales and being an exciting breakthrough in gaming.

The Wii's successor is the Wii U.

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