Wii Glossary

Force Feedback

This is a standard feature on controllers these days, it means that the controller has a small motor inside it and can vibrate to represent events in the game. This gives games something of a physical presence and generally adds to the playing experience.


GameCube is Nintendo's previous games console released in 2001.

Motion Sensor

Electronic wizardry inside the Wiimote that allows it to detect movements in 3d space. This means that waving the controller in the air is a way of controlling the action on screen.


The nunchuck is an attachment that connects to the Wiimote. It has on it an analog thumbstick, some buttons and its own motion sensor.


Before being named "Wii", the Wii had the codename of "Revolution".

Virtual Console

A download service that allows users to get older games from previous generations for a small fee. Supported consoles are currently the N64, Super NES, NES, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafix 16. Independent games will also be available.

Wi-Fi Connection

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is a free online service provided by Nintendo which launched in 2005. It lets people connect and play against each other online. Currently it's used by Nintendo's handheld machine the DS, the Wii will also be part of the action on its release.


Wii is Nintendo's latest and greatest gaming console.


A feature of the Wii's Wi-Fi connection. It means that even when the Wii is in stand-by mode it can still receive updates and demos from Nintendo over the Internet. Nintendo have described Wii as the console that never sleeps.


The Wii's controller, named so because it looks more like a TV remote than a typical gamepad. Read more about the Wii Controller.

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