Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Published by Square Enix, Developed by Square Enix

Genres: Action / RPG

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Players of all skill levels will appreciate everything this game has to offer, from the intuitive Wii controls and adorable characters, to the intricate story and versatile job system.

Chocobo, a FINAL FANTASY fan favorite, takes on trademark job classes from the franchise such as black mage, knight, and scholar. Players can unlock more jobs as they progress through the game. The ever-changing dungeons and unexpected twists and turns offer hours of engrossing gameplay as players explore the newest adventure in one of the world's most popular RPG franchises.

Chocobo and Cid, FINAL FANTASY mainstays-turned-treasure hunters, are magically transported to a mysterious town whose people's memories are lost with each bell toll of the clocktower. One day, a strange boy named Raffaello arrives and creates dungeons of memories to help the townspeople remember who they are. Now it's up to Chocobo to journey through the dungeons and retrieve everyone's memories!

  • FEATURES A charming, vibrant game world coupled with an engaging storyline and challenging turn-based battles to create a fun and entertaining RPG environment
  • A compelling gaming experience utilizing a variety of classic FINAL FANTASY job classes such as the knight, black mage and white mage to aid Chocobo in his fight against evil
  • Character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, from the FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES series and FINAL FANTASY FABLES: Chocobo Tales, lends his trademark art style
  • Duel against friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in addictive card battles featuring popular FINAL FANTASY creatures in a unique 3D pop-up book style
  • Collect hidden letters throughout the adventure and form special phrases to unlock secret dungeons and job classes
  • The signature Mog House offers arcade-style mini-games that can be played with intuitive Wii Remote controls
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User comments


jyesta said:

Yay I love these guys from final fantasy, hopefully they make it a good game.


matman1066 said:

The best ff games were x and x-2. This game should be good though.


mushiotoko said:

It's a shame but is not really a good game. It looks like "rpg for elementary school". Way too basic.


4NDR01D said:

Wrong, the best ff ever was the 7th version. Final Fantasy VII rules.


tyru said:

I was good. II-V were great. VI was awesome. VII was holy. VIII-IX were good. X was okay. XI sucked. XII sucked. XII is going to suck too. Seriously can't they make a decent game once in a while? For the past five years se has been making horrible ff games(I'm not talking about the remakes, like ff3 ds or ff6 gba).


Soph said:

It's a good game. Bit short though, after about 30 hours I was done.

Avatar 7

Shadow said:

Hah, The best Final Fantasy would have to FF VIII. 7 had way too many easy ways to beat the hardest monsters in the game what with materia linkages. 8 has the most sophisticated Junction system.


Zeke said:

7 is the best, just look it's got an anime and a film.


cam said:

Ff9 is the best, that game has lasted over 100 hours for me and it doesn't get old, I love that game.


diehardffviifan said:

FF8 has better graphics but FF7 has the all round best gameplay and story.


ff9 said:

Final fantasy 9 was the best. Followed VERY closely by 7 and I have to give an honorable mention to 12 for trying to make the battle interface different (though imho it's a fail).


YouGuysAreIdiots said:

FF 1, 4, 5, 6, and 9 are the only good ones. The rest are redonkulous.


G-Louth said:

This game is awesomeness! Though for many it might look too easy or too childish, for beginning FF-players it's great (such like me).


HeyNow said:

I don't think you're giving FF 2 & 3 enough credit.


kangiskon said:

The only good ff games are 1, 2, 3, 7, tactics, 9 and maybe 12. The others where a waste of squares time. Wost ff game was the cerb of dergabus. Or whatever it was called. That game was bs. But yet the best game in the world is secret of mana hands down. Never played it? Get it!


nico said:

You guys cling to nostalgia, no game can ever beat a nostalgia feeling even if everything is better. I bet you guys would still say that 7 or whatever is better.


chelseafcrocks said:

Well, I have to say that the most addicting would have to be FF 12. My judgment probably doesn't count for much, since the only other number game I've played was halfway through FF 3 (which sucked). I hated the battle system in FF 12 at first, but now I love it =D.


WoopMod said:

Dirge was actually fun. At least I enjoyed it. And ff9 was by far the best. You play as a monkey tailed ladys man. Rather than cloud and sephiroths characters who were awful. Just wish they killed cloud and kept zack. Chocobos games are fun too lol. But I always see the fun side.


Scammy said:

I been playing since #1, 10 was the best one I thought.


ManguelPR said:

I have to write something because I'm sick to read that all bullshit, the only Final Fantasy what make square enix get popularity and it's still people playing and I'm talking about me too, is Final fantasy 7 (VII). Best RPG made, best story, best gameplay and over 14 years passed and I still play it, and I'll still to the dead be playing it. I have it in my pc, ps1 cds, and in my android Htc Evo now. And I'm waiting for a remake. It is the BEST GAME EVER. Go and buy a FF7 originals disk right now, they are over $60 because they are value and will be more and more until the end.


Chris said:

Final Fantasy VII made Squaresoft popular, that's right, but I personally think that people can't say, this is the best or that is the best. That is always your personal opinion. I hate seeing people being rude to others just because they can't agree with them. FF (any part) is the best game ever and I think we all agree on that.

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