Kirby's Epic Yarn

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Good Feel

Genres: Action / Platformer

US release date: Oct 17th, 2010 | EU release date: -

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby Offers a New Take on String Theory

Kirby's first console platform game since the Nintendo 64 days introduces an amazing new look based on animated yarn and a world of cloth and textiles. The creative approach is woven directly into the game play and allows the ever-morphing Kirby to take on a variety of new forms. It's a one-of-a-kind platformer that lets players explore high and low for hidden objects and fun adventure.

  • The look of the world is stunning, but it's also interactive. Pulling on stray threads might reveal hidden areas. When Kirby literally goes behind the scenes, the virtual fabric warps and bends to show his location.
  • Thanks to his versatile yarn composition, Kirby can take on a variety of forms both in his common actions and when he transforms into powerful vehicles. When Kirby dashes, he zips around as a car. In water, he turns into a submarine. At times he can even transform into a massive robotic tank, a UFO and other vehicles.
  • Two players can play through the entire game together.
  • Gems and collectible items are scattered throughout the environments for players to find.
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Very good

Kirby's Epic Yarn is the kind of game one would think perpetuates the belief that the Wii is a 'kiddie' system. However, those willing to spend time with the first Kirby adventure in 11 years will find a game that surprisingly manages to appeal to casual gamers, kids, full review

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User comments


luigi rules said:

Oh man I can't wait for this game, it's going to be awesome - am getting it for Christmas.

5 posts

kirby rules said:

I have this game. The last time I got it for Christmas, then, me and my dad finished the whole game! Thats why it is called Kirby's Epic Yarn!

1 decade ago

1 post

Koizie12 said:

How do I pass 88%?

8 years ago

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