Link's Crossbow Training

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Shooting

US release date: Nov 19th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Link's Crossbow Training

Link's Crossbow Training contains three basic game styles: target shooting, defender and ranger. There are 27 stages in total, and these categories represent only generally how each individual stage operates. Each stage's goal is to earn the highest score possible within the time limit. All rounds can be played with multiple players: Players pass the Wii Zapper around and then play one at a time and compete for the high score.

Target Shooting: In target-shooting rounds, players shoot bull's-eyes as they pop up on the screen. In early stages, targets are stationary. As the game difficulty increases in later levels, the targets move. Hitting the center of the bull's-eye nets more points, and hitting targets in succession without missing earns combo multipliers. Link can aim anywhere on the screen.

Defender: In defender rounds, players remain stationary but can look and aim in all directions - sometimes even in a full 360 degrees - by aiming off screen. Hordes of enemies assault Link, and he must fight them off. These battles have a great deal of variety, from fighting off skeletons in a desert to defending a wagon from boar-riding Bokoblins.

Ranger: In ranger rounds, players can move throughout the level using the control stick and aim anywhere they want by aiming the Wii Zapper wherever they want to look. In these missions, Link storms enemy encampments, fights his way through a forest and seeks out his foes while exploring the environments.

Using the Wii Zapper: The Wii Zapper requires the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, housing both in a comfortable and intuitive frame. The control stick on the Nunchuk controls player movement (on stages that allow player movement), while simply aiming the Wii Zapper moves the targeting reticule on the screen. Pulling the trigger fires Link's crossbow. By aiming off screen, players can turn Link to face in a new direction (again, on stages that allow this).

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User comments


insultman911 said:

I only like action/adventure games. This doesn't look all that great.


Scooby Jew said:

I never even heard of this game. I wonder if it's going to be any good (probably not).


dec3issofaraway said:

WOW! This has a lot of things from Twilight Princess, like the balloons from the balloon mini- game, Ordon Village, Gerudo Desert, Lake Hylia, and some of the same monsters as well.


Senpai said:

I can't wait! I hope link gets a crossbow next game.


WiiNinja said:

Wow, my love for Zelda (the game) rekindled.


Splintercell4ever said:

I wonder if it will have some of the locations from Ocarina of Time. Having the game strictly in Twilight Princess areas would be too redundant.


mclovin said:

If it has a storyline maybe, but otherwise, I dunno. Why a crossbow instead of a cool bow where you could use nunchuck like a string?


DeanPOWER said:

I'm not too thrilled with this game. It looks okay but the Zelda series seems too good for tacky, irrelevant mini-games. I'll probably buy this if it's in a bargain bin or something or ask for it as a birthday present. I couldn't see myself spending MY OWN money to get this.


wii007 said:

It comes free with the zapper.


typeojoe said:

This game is great, one of the most fun. I just bought it. It gets difficult and you have to earn metals. There is a game called skull shooting, it's like skeet shooting on duck hunt.


Dark Goomba said:

The Gorons don't look to happy to have the target over their 'area'.


Mii said:

This game is just basically a teaser for the new game that'll come out eventually.


GMAN192 said:

Image 4/6 looks kind of like disneyworld.


Captain Jamesman said:

Played it, LOVED it.


Sam said:

This game rules. It kept me entertained for quite a while. I beat it a lot faster than most games, but who cares, it costs $20 and comes with a free zapper! And I've never played Zelda before, so those of you that have may have more appreciation for it. I would definitely recommend it.


Ian C said:

I love it but it's a little too short. My favorite one is the defender.


mata mata jew said:

I think this game is going to be really awesome.


Wiipaw said:

I wish they had the crossbow in twilight princess. Actually, forget it. The bow is way more masculine than a crossbow.


BB said:

This game is actually pretty good. It can be highly addictive once you figure out how to score higher on each round. It's worth getting the zapper to get this game for free.


Jeff said:

This game is great! It has shooting moving targets, shooting while moving, speed shooting, skeet & trap shooting, rewards for maintaining fire discipline. The only thing I would change, is to have the option to change the aiming point that appears on the screen a little smaller, to make it more challenging.


Hellingame said:

Meh, it was okay, but way too short. It'd be nice if they had a LoZ styled game where you get to be in the ranks of besieging forces and stop being a one-man army.


dj2freaky71 said:

I got the game with the zapper and it's really great. Very challenging and has lots of hidden objects to hit for points. I'd recommend this for all ages. Once you get bronze, try silver, then gold, then platinum, the game is not short unless you want it to be. It's one of those games where you can't be perfect every time, and I like it. Getting to the end of the game is not beating it.

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