Comic Workshop

Published by Collavier, Developed by Collavier

Genres: Simulation / Education (1 players)

US release date: Jul 17th, 2014 | EU release date: Sep 11th, 2014

Prices: $7.99 (US) | £5.39 (UK) | €5.99 (EUR)

Comic Workshop

Ever wanted to make your own Comics or Manga?

No need to wait any more, here is the software you were looking for!

With Comic Workshop, you will be able to easily create Comics and Manga, step by step, thanks to the various tools available.

From frame's management to text entry, everything you need to make the best creations is gathered in this software.

Speech Bubbles, Pattern Filling, Stickers or other Roller Stamps are not only useful but also fun to use! Many standard tools are also present like the Eraser, Straight Line tool, Color Picker, Selection tool, etc.

  • In-game detailed Lessons to learn about the interface and tool?s functions.
  • Customize and make your own colors as well as your own Stickers and Roller Stamps!
  • Professional interface with layers, Undo & Redo commands, import of photos/pictures, etc.
  • Interface fully controllable with the Stylus and a left-handed mode is also available!
  • Save your creations on your SD Card and print or share them!
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Very good

Okay, let me begin by saying that Comic Workshop is not a game, so much as it is a tool. That said, let the review begin! Comic Workshop, put simply, is an app that gives you the tools of a comic artist. As I waited for the download to complete, I was worried that the full review

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