Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Paritybit

Genres: Sports (1-2 players)

US release date: - | EU release date: Apr 17th, 2014

Prices: £13.49 (UK) | €14.99 (EUR)

Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Head up your own football team and shoot for the top! Nintendo Pocket Football Club puts you in the manager's seat at your very own football club, only on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Can you keep the crowds chanting and guide your pint-sized players from the lower leagues to the wonders of the world stage?

As manager, train up your players and choose your tactics wisely to make the most of their abilities. Once you're satisfied, send your team forth and watch your decisions play out in matches packed with action - but don't be afraid to alter your approach if it all starts to unravel before your eyes. Delve deep and show plenty of skill on the sidelines and you could lead them all the way to the glorious treble of the Pro League 1, the Federation Cup and the European Challenge Cup. With enough work, you could even bring the World Club Classic back home!

Win, lose or draw, you'll earn Training Cards during each match. Between games, use Training Cards to improve your players' abilities: teach a defender how to tackle, help a midfielder perfect their passes or build a striker's morale before a crucial match with a relaxing spa treatment. Play your cards right by selecting the right training combination and you could come up with a special technique that scores your player an even bigger boost!

Run your club just the way you want it. Don't like your kit or emblem? Dye them a new shade and display your new colors with pride. Re-name your team, and even each individual player, to suit you. Check out prospective signings in the transfer market if your team's lacking in certain areas, then create completely custom formations to focus on your squad's strengths. You're the boss in Nintendo Pocket Football Club, only on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS!

  • Go for cup glory in a unique football management simulator!
  • Get the most out of your players and soup up their skills with Training Cards.
  • Completely customise your team, from kit color and emblem to individual player names!
  • Take total control of your club's tactics with custom formations.
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Very good

One of the seemingly oddest titles in Nintendo's back pocket has finally been released. Nintendo Pocket Football Club is a small management sim that gives you the chance to play in your own league as well as to play others online. You start off as a small side that, in full review

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