Alone in the Dark

Published by Atari, Developed by Eden

Genres: Action / Adventure (1 players)

US release date: Jun 24th, 2008 | EU release date: Jun 20th, 2008

Alone in the Dark

Continuing the legacy of innovation of that first game, the new Alone in the Dark re-imagines the genre with engrossing cinematic presentation, compelling gameplay challenges and a thrilling narrative story arc.

The richly-detailed, contemporary setting of New York's Central Park is the host for a challenging mix of gameplay experiences, unprecedented environmental interaction and combat all based on real-world rules and physics. A seamless on-character inventory and health recovery system combine to maintain the immersion as the player drives the story through the free-roaming expanse of Central Park.

Inspired by the story-telling twists and turns of many blockbuster TV series, Alone in the Dark innovates once again with a DVD-style chapter select menu which lets players of all abilities reach the game's dramatic, riveting climax and get the full value out of the game.

"With its genre-busting mix of gameplay, wide-screen presentation style and DVD chapter select feature putting the player in control, Alone in the Dark will thrill all gamers," said Phil Harrison, President of Infogrames Entertainment. "It's a game which will challenge the player but also reward them with a one-of-a-kind video game experience and a huge amount of fun."

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User comments


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Now Wii is getting somewhere that sounds more interesting.


Crimson Hawk said:

Sounds sc-scary *hides under blanket*.


Steve said:

Alone in the dark? *checks google* Looks interesting, if it's horror or zombies I'm in.


wii007 said:

This game is going to be awesome on Wii.


Ima Guy said:

Sounds like a movie remade into a game.


Eljize Blize said:

Q1 2008 is release date but wow game seems great.


Quartz said:

*Cries* This is scary.


Keranu said:

The graphics look really nice, though blurry.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Uwe Boll seemed to like this game enough to make a crappy movie out of it, so why not?

Avatar 0

mike said:

The graphics look great.


wiretapkid said:

Actually, this was a game first, then a movie. The first was cool for what it was, a really choppy, early 3D survival horror.


rick said:

I like the mario stuff for the family but it's this kind of stuff I want for myself. I don't want to buy a 360 or ps3 to have some adult fun. I want my Wii and that's it. Still anxious for sadness game too.


Luigi said:

Looks like a Prince Of Persia style game.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Looks good, I might pick this up.


Ryu said:

It's nothing like prince of persia? It's a sort of horror game.


onlybowseruser said:

I heard all the weapons you obtain are kept in his jacket.


Dude said:

This reminds me of shadow man for the n64.

Avatar 0

Jessica said:

I'm with Steve on this. Any horror I'm in! It looks great might have to check it out.

1 post

asapflaco said:

great game

1 decade ago

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