Bionicle Heroes

Published by Eidos, Developed by TT

Genres: Action

US release date: Apr 24th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Bionicle Heroes


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User comments


KuPa said:

This game might be ok.


Ja-Mez said:

I've got about 30 Bionicles but I never liked the games much.


Autobobby1 said:

I've heard good things about this games on all platforms! I'll probably get it.


Crimson Hawk said:

It's not that special. Trust me my bro got it, he loves it but it looks boring.


i went wii said:

Lego completely RUINED bionicle with the metru, and the new crud that had nothing to do with the original. It was basically an old guy that was telling stories of when he was younger.


DarkVic said:

This game got the WORST rating for the 360, so I'm certainly not planning on buying it for my Wii.


Wii Wii said:

If this game is first person then I might rent it.


Whiiz said:

Lego kind of screwed bionicle. The originals were the only somewhat good ones.


Albino Jedi said:

I totally agree with you Whiiz. I like legos and I used to like Bionicles, but when they started to make all these weird toa that kept getting changed, it got kind of annoying. My favorites were first ever toa and then their second stage when they got mutated, it should have stayed at that.


Arrol said:

I got this game and it was awesome.

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