Bratz: The Movie

Published by THQ, Developed by THQ

Genres: Adventure

US release date: Oct 10th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Bratz: The Movie


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User comments


Master Foot said:

I've always wanted a Valley Girl simulator on Wii. Thank you THQ for making my dreams come true.


Vanilla Spice said:

The Bratz = barbie + anime gone weird + valley girl attitude.


Silver Clover said:

You know, first it was bad when they made the High School Musical game, but now they make games with ugly, little, dolls without noses? How could they do this? All things Bratz should be banned from, well, the world.


Barbie said:

Oh my god Bratz are going down *calls Ken*.


LatinaX said:

This game looks stupid, next thing you know there'll be a barbie game. What is that, a dog that follows you?


brady said:

This game rocks.


some guy said:

My friend got this game and she said don't try this at home.


Wiistradamus said:

Heh you do realize there's at least a dozen Barbie game already out there right? Ah well anyways, things like that have always happened and they always will, just ignore it and you'll be much happier.


COCO said:

I like the bratz games I guess just because I liked bratz when I was little. They're good games when you want to finish a whole game in 1 hour. Fun and cheap. Well really fun. Oh and you people are stupid it's for littler kids with wiis or people who are generally nice and won't post this di-dee-doo-(bleep) about it.

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