Brunswick Pro Bowling

Published by Crave, Developed by Crave

Genres: Sports (4 players)

US release date: Aug 21st, 2007 | EU release date: Sep 21st, 2007

Brunswick Pro Bowling

Brunswick Pro Bowling will give players a detailed, realistic bowling-center experience, complete with authentic sights and sounds, and official Brunswick bowling gear. Brunswick Pro Bowling will be highly customizable, allowing players to choose everything from their character's appearance and accessories to ball styles.

In Career Mode, players work their way from amateur to professional by competing in a year's worth of bowling tournaments. Ten authentic bowling centers, modeled after actual Brunswick locations, will set the scene. Up to four players can face off in Multiplayer Mode, and Quick Play Mode allows for a fast round of bowling.

Other Brunswick Pro Bowling features include:

  • Realistic physics engine simulates real-time changing lane conditions and accounts for momentum and spin.
  • Unlockable content includes a variety of Brunswick balls, additional bowling centers, equipment and apparel.
  • Players in career mode will face rivals, who seek out and challenge them throughout their careers.
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User comments


DarkVic said:

Although this game sounds interesting, I'm not going to get it seeing as the bowling game on Wii Sports is enough for me.


iza said:

Wii sports bowling is nice. But I've bowled for years now, and I think a little more time developing could have some pretty interesting effects.


Sonic Fan said:

I used to go to the Brunswick Bowling Alley. It was always fun there. Although, I haven't gone in a while now. Maybe I should go there again.


Scooby Jew said:

I'm sure I won't be getting this game, but I'm next to positive that my step dad will be. He's a Wii Sports bowling god. I'm only mediocre.


Gonzo said:

That's hot!

Avatar 1

Nova said:

The graphics are awesome. It's just that the shapes could be better. Those third party game developers have to start catching up with the idea that the Wii is more powerful than we began to think.


smitty said:

Dude, I can't wait for this one. A lot of friends and beer that's all I have to say.


SonyWii360 said:

I agree with smitty. Beer, friends and good times! A game on Wii that I'm looking forward to. Pretty good graphics. I'm sure the gameplay will be close to Wii sports, but I'm hoping you can create your own bowler.


waynebow said:

Beer and friends will be fun, but I wish these developers would stop assuming we only have 3 friends.


michellembrodeur said:

Does it have the option for real bowling. Canadian Bowling, 5 pin bowling?


Sonic Phantom said:

I wonder if you can create characters as bowlers?


justboughtit said:

Still trying to understand the swing control (I think it functions similar to setting power and control on other systems, just adapted to wii), but so far the game is quite enjoyable. The multi player is 8-player I believe. Career mode is fun, and challenging so far- since it's not like the Wii Sports version it takes some getting used to the controls and the wearing lanes. Only way to get developers to make games for more players is to ask them and support what they bring for you. Even if the first few attempts aren't that great. Or start developing yourself.


LEFTY said:

Don't see where two or more can bowl in the career mode, only quick play.


confused said:

I want to use my created bowler in quickplay. Does anyone know if you can?


Pwn u said:

Why would I play this game if I live 5 min from the real Brunswick bowl.

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