Civilization Revolution

Published by 2K, Developed by Firaxis

Genres: Strategy

US release date: Dec 30th, 2008 | EU release date: -

Civilization Revolution


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User comments


Steve said:

Do you control the citizens or fight against them?


Franksy said:

Sounds like you make avatars and play?


Ferox said:

Woohoo civilization for the Wii.


WolfKolf said:

Sid is the man.


InsertPageUp said:

I would rather have Black&White Revolution but this still sounds pretty cool.


Senpai said:

I thought Wii and the ds were getting civilization AND black and white?


Nintendojunkie said:

This looks freakin' good.

Avatar 0

Jason said:

Wow. This looks like it will be amazing.


The Hamburgler said:

I love Civ. Hopefully they don't streamline the gameplay too hardcore. I have read that there will not be as many technological levels in the modern era.


CaliforniaOr Bust said:

Sounds great, but it sucks they put it on hold if you look under related news. Alas we won't get a true Civ/Wii experience yet.

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