Counter Force

Published by Conspiracy, Developed by Data Design Interactive

Genres: Action

US release date: Oct 19th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Counter Force


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User comments


KirbyRulez said:

Would be way cooler if you could make your own guy. Still this is a miss.


F-Zero X VC said:

Is this like, giant robot fighting? Because those are some of my favorite fighters for some reason.


Aleric735 said:

This looks like an Amored Core ripoff. And why can't companies spend some more time making the games look presentable? I know it's possible. Look at Zelda, SSBB, Galaxy and Corruption.


world wide wii said:

What's this game about?


Kallussed said:

I was looking forward to this game. Giant robots, with guns, blowing up stuff. Nuff said! Well, no. From the moment you insert this game in to your Wii (on the disc start screen) you begin to see the home made production values that "shine" throughout the game. From the menu with no options (why have a menu). To given 15 seconds to select your character, in a single player game, where the characters have different stats. Then to the absolute lackluster gameplay. Hint, to beat the boss without getting hint hold left. When you're all the way left, hold right. Apparently the boss has no clue how to lead a target moving in a straight line at a steady pace. Not to mention that you have to shoot at like a billion things, and have NO autofire. Save the life of your wiimote and don't even bother renting this one. Too many good games out there to waste your time. Or pull out a Saturn or Dreamcast and relive some quality games. Hell they looked and sounded better ten years ago as well.


fatality91 said:

At first I thought the title said counter strike so I clicked on it and then became more surprised how fun this game looks. It's basically a custom robo for the Wii (I doubt you can create yours though).


JuniorM78 said:

Ok, so I just played through this game once (until I met the Game Over screen) and I was shocked. I have NEVER played a game of this caliber that didn't have an auto-fire option. Did they actually think that you'd enjoy getting severe cramps in your hand from trying to play this game? If you want to know how it feels, take your remote, and change the channel on your tv 100 times in a minute. Then do it again. Also, did they forget that this ISN'T an arcade game? Why am I being timed (very minimally) to make up my mind? The first time playing this game and I get less than 30 seconds to look through my 3 guys and choose one. Even between levels, when I get to buy power-ups, they give you about a minute (if that) to spend your money? It's like the game itself is getting impatient with me ("Let's go, already. I want to get back to the part where you blow stuff up"). I can only recommend this game if you're the parent of an ADHD child and need something to pacify him/her since ZERO thought is required to play this game. Can you point the remote at the screen? Congratulations. You've graduated training. If you're still dying to play this game, PLEASE do yourself a favor and rent it first.


Jewish Clam said:

I had this game for about a week I got $15 trade in credit with some other crappy PS2 games.


Duffman said:

It's unanimous; Counter Force was poorly made in every way. Robot models that look lower res than the old Playstation and N64 consoles, explosions going off that sound like garbage trucks crashing into trees, that bad robot voice that spouts bad lines, gameplay that gives you carpel-tunnel syndrome, etc. This game's pretty bad: From the horrible introduction to terrible sound effects, graphics, game play, and controls, the game is nothing but terrible repetition. If you want something where you just shoot at things on screen, there's so many titles out there that you can get, not to mention that they'll save you the money you would have blown on this game.


Chojuto said:

Am I the only one that found this game fun? Probably because I enjoy this kind of mindless stuff.


i might be mclovin said:

Worst. Game. Ever.


SyntK said:

I am a fan of Space Harrier for quite some time and frankly I liked this game and remember old times.

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Diego said:

This game is very good, the only problem is I don't know how to use multiplayer. It hasn't great graphics but is good (well, I love it).


unrealt95 said:

I find the game ok, no less no more. To tell the truth, the box is almost cooler than the game itself. And what wrong with the main "saying", "counter force, the power is you!" what the deuce does "the power is you" mean?


KingreX32 said:

Don't BUY THIS GAME. I paid $22.50 for this, I tried to return it to the store and they're like "we can't take it back cause it's been opened". It's a terrible game, I hate it so.


WOPR said:

You paid $22.50? I paid $5.99, I actually like it but I wouldn't pay $22.50 for it. You have to admit though, getting it for 5(ish) bucks, compare it to a wiiware game, if you do that it's great. There should be more control options and customization for the robots.


Gamer101 said:

I've bought this game before and I personally think it's TERRIBLE. Don't buy it because of bad graphics game quality and game experience.

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