Dance Factory

Published by Codemasters, Developed by Broadsword

Genres: Party / Rhythm / Dancing

US release date: Mar 31st, 2007 | EU release date: -

Dance Factory


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User comments


DarkVic said:

Who the hell is going to buy this game other than Keavin Bacon. You sucked in Footloose!


p-nut said:

Just another Dance Dance Revolution knock-off.


Vortex said:

Hey this game will rule. Download your OWN music, hello!?


labman said:

Time to dance the night away.


wiiarethepeps123 said:

If only they came out with a Guitar Hero for Wii (sigh).


Sonic Fan said:

Are you saying Kevin Bacon is going to be in it?


Fat Albert said:

HEY HEY HEY! I need to lose some weight with dance factory.


Ekaj185 said:

Fat Albert, sigh, how did you get so fat? I didn't think Bill Cosby was that weird. (Wait, yes I did!).


itstimetoplaydawii said:

Yeah I was going to say that there should be a dance game with the Wii. You use the Wii remote and rock out, and I think it tracks your moves and gives you a score. (Just my opinion).


i need a wii...eww said:

Look in the rumours page, it says that they are planning to see if you can attach it to your feet! Now, maybe there is more to it than just stamping a hole in the floor.


lil' Rebbitzen said:

I have the PS2 version. If they just ported it to the Wii and didn't bother to actually fix the dance to your own music function (and for Bob's sake, GET RID OF THE LOADING MINIGAME. IT'S STUPID!), it won't be worth the money.


cmk said:

The Wii can't play cds though.


the guy with a wii said:

It can read mp3s off an sd card.


Unknown said:

You probably use the SD cards.


Anonomous said:

Is the dance factory for the Wii going to be better or more fun, than the dance factory for the PS2? What is going to be the differences, if anyone knows yet.


Hey said:

It sucked on PS2, I've heard.


Gonzo said:

Is this a DDR knock-off?


Captain Jamesman said:

The only dance game I play is DDR Mario Mix for Gamecube. I don't really care for such a boring rip-off.


KuPa said:

Well I'm not a big dancer or anything but it will be more fun than on the ps2 because the Wii has motion controllers and it will be awesome (I hope).


beth said:

I love dance mats, do you need to get a mat for the Wii?


Shyho said:

Oh my god I so want this game, making your own dances. It's a rip off of dance dance, but that's okay. The Wii version might have slightly better graphics and easy access to menu buttons, if that really matters.


Wiipaw said:

Make your own dances? My mother is going to make this game impossible.

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