Fit Music

Published by Oxygene, Developed by Oxygene

Genres: Fitness / Rhythm (1-4 players)

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Fit Music

Exercise and music go together like aerobics and sweatbands! Whether you prefer to tackle rhythm-driven fitness routines or listen to your favourite tracks while you power through your workout sets, you'll get a combination of both with this title. Fit Music is a unique workout game for Wii where different fitness combinations are explored and tailored to suit your needs. Right at the start you'll undergo a physical analysis, which will let you know your current physical condition and help you set the goals you want to achieve. Fun and easy to play - just follow the on-screen character movements and you're ready to start on the road to fitness!

The Fit Music routines have been conceived by European fitness champion Patrizia Salviato, a pro coach who will be your in-game instructor. The game features two energetic modes - a fun Fit Dance mode that has you move your body and work out along to the music of 15 international dance hits, as well as a substantial Training mode consisting of a wide variety of dynamic exercise programmes. These are based on your physical condition, as determined by data gathered when first creating your game profile. There are different levels to suit your current fitness condition, and of course the higher the level you do, the harder the workout will be!

Complementing both modes is a useful 'Calorie Counter' feature, created in collaboration with Prof. Antonio Giordano of the Human Health Foundation and the S.H.R.O. Institute (Sbarro Health Research Organization). This section is dedicated to teaching you about nutrition and the calorie counter can help ensure you stay on track to a better diet. This, combined with the game's training can help you to detox your body, work towards an improved metabolism and make you more aware of better coordination and balance.

Getting started in the Fit Music Training Section is quick and easy: following an assessment of your physical condition, you will receive various cards representing different training programmes. Your aim is to gain at least 50 points per card in order to unlock new exercises. Your progress will be continuously monitored in your profile, with the end goal being to achieve an overall 'Fit Music index' as close to 100 points as possible. You take part in the exercises by holding the Wii Remote in your right hand and following Ms Salviato's movements and instructions on screen. She will guide you through some fun and increasingly challenging workouts, each of which are made up of a warm-up, workout and cool-down phase. This is all driven by the actual BPM (beats per minute) of the game's club music-oriented soundtrack! Some exercises even allow you to make use of the Wii Balance Board accessory.

The Fit Music Fit Dance Section differs from the Training Section in the way it is set up. Initially, only 7 dance tracks are available, with the possibility to unlock 8 more based on the points you receive for your performance. All 15 musical selections were created by famed international DJs and come in 3 categories based on a level of difficulty, as indicated by a star rating from 1 to 3. What's more, you can gather up to 3 friends for a frenetic dance-off challenge on each of these great tracks! Who said fitness can't be fun?

    Fit Music features
  • More than 180 different exercises created and coached by European fitness champion Patrizia Salviato.
  • Dance to 15 hits by internationally famed DJs.
  • A useful Calorie Counter feature, supported by Prof. Antonio Giordano of the Human Health Foundation and the S.H.R.O. Institute.
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