Heroes Over Europe

Published by Red Mile, Developed by IR Gurus

Genres: Historic / Simulation

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Heroes Over Europe


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User comments


p-nut said:

I wonder what the british Batman would sound like.


Hey said:

Hee hee, Hang over Europe! You have to hit the beer restaurants of Germany and the pubs of Ireland and England.


wii-mote dude said:

Man, I hope this isn't a WWII game. There should be a WWI game. That would be cool, because all your opponents' engines would blow up and you wouldn't have to do anything.


WiiFan15 said:

Maybe it's like a WWI or WWII plane game.


Must..have..wii said:

Sounds like a WWwhatever plane game. Getting kind of sick of these. I think we have enough plane games for the Wii now.


Wii-Worshiper said:

I agree, too many plane games. They should make a Sims game or something. I don't want that but I'm out of ideas.


Harock said:

It is a WWII flying game. For one WWI would suck, come on in WWI they flew paper planes and were mostly use for intel on the enemy not for combat. I find nothing wrong with another WWII air combat games, come on we have like 30000000 WWII FPS and people are still playing them e.g. Call of Duty 3.


YO said:

This would be cool if it was an fps where you got to parachute.


Gonzo said:

Oh no, another war game.


Captain Jamesman said:

War games are stupid, unless you play it with a friend. I had a blast going against my friend in Call of Duty 3.


Dave Falcon said:

Will the sequel be villains over Europe?


Coryd10 said:

War games are all boring (too many war freaks in class).


Sonic Fan said:

I agree. War games are stupid indeed. Except Halo 2, but it's not really a war game.


Hawk said:

This sounds like a sequel to a PC/Xbox game called Heroes of the Pacific, which was developed by IRGurus and Red Mile. That was an exceptional World War II dogfighting game, the only one that I've seen with a realistic cockpit view.


r2d2 said:

Why don't they make Heroes Over Canada?


c3p0 said:

r2d2, maybe you can refresh memory. Which part of Canada did they have lots of dogfights during WW2 that'd make a good setting for historical/simulation game?


Arecibo said:

"That was an exceptional World War II dogfighting game, the only one that I've seen with a realistic cockpit view". I hope that's a joke, as all planes of the same class had an identical, poorly designed, origami-like massacre of a cockpit that was nothing more than a collection of 2D images arranged like a paper cage around you. HotP is truly one of the worst WWII air combat games ever made. It's even worse than my CURRENT opinion of Corncob 3D.


Anti-Arecibo said:

Arecibo, you probably sucked at it that's why you thought it was so bad. Don't know what flight game was any better than HotP, name one? And if you say Ace Combat, I'll just let point, then laugh directly in your face. HotP is one of my favorite games of all times.


Pacific Ace said:

I fully agree with Anti-Arecibo. HotP was the best flight game I ever played. I bought a PS3 for Blazing Angels I & II and though they look better, dogfighting is poor when compared to HotP. If anyone knows a WWII flight game better than HotP, please name it.


50cent said:

The best WW2 Flight Game on the PC for me was Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3, out of date now maybe yes but at the time awesome! I know this ain't a flight sim but I do hope there's a cockpit view and a single player Skirmish mode, please Atari, please.


He-111 said:

The best WW2 flight game on the PC was World War 2 Fighters, really old but really good.


stealth o0 said:

I'm a plane game fan. I mean if this game doesn't have cockpit view I'm not getting it because it'll just be fake. I'm trying to find out if it has cockpit view or not. Because I want to dogfight the ME-109 or the ME-262 Oh OH or the FW-190.

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