Inazuma Eleven Strikers

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Level 5

Genres: Sports / RPG (1-2 players)

US release date: - | EU release date: -

Inazuma Eleven Strikers

Prepare for all-out action in this home console sibling to the popular handheld football RPGs. This time, arcade-style action brings the series to life like never before as the stadiums, the characters and their spectacular Special Moves become playable on the big screen, looking exactly like fans of the TV series have come to expect.

Take part in a series of competitions that represent Raimon Jr High team's rise through the ranks, playing through the most significant team encounters of the TV series - some of which haven't even aired yet! You can also build your entire team from scratch. New players can be scouted from any team you defeat, but it'll take a hefty sum of Inazuma Points and a pitch-perfect eye to shape a team of champions.

Each of the over 150 characters from the series has their own specific strengths, and as you pit players together they'll grow bonds that improve certain skills even further. Respect the power of team play and you'll even be able to pull off powerful Co-op Moves! As you win more matches, you'll be able to unleash ever more impressive Special Moves to stop your opponent in his tracks or go straight for the goal yourself. The level and element of two opposing moves decides who comes out victorious!

Inazuma Eleven Strikers offers plenty of challenge for solo players and even more fun for up to four friends in local multiplayer! Whether you work together as a team or challenge each other in 2 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 3, in single matches or fully-fledged tournaments - it's your call! A second player can even take on different supporting roles by acting as a Coach or a Manager.

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RayJ said:

this looks way different from most sports games, I cant decide if its weird or cool.

1 decade ago

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