MX vs ATV Untamed

Published by THQ, Developed by Rainbow

Genres: Racing

US release date: Jan 31st, 2008 | EU release date: -

MX vs ATV Untamed


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User comments


jimbo 123 said:

This game should be good.


Nintenbro said:

This is a must buy for me.


david said:

This game looks gnarley, I can't wait.


krunk said:

All of the mx atv games have been great! I recently just got a Wii and this looks like a great game. I wonder how different it's gonna be with the Wii features.


bootson said:

Man this has me freaking excited. I love the atv games and if this is for Wii it should be awesome, but hard to play.

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josh said:

This game looks cool. I am going to get a Wii next week and get this game too.


totalpimp said:

There's a game similar to this on the PSP and my EX could do the coolest flips. I hope this one is cooler.


a person said:

This game looks freaking awesome. I have unleashed on the ds and that's awesome so I can't wait.


kade said:

Looks cool.

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