Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

Published by Gamecock, Developed by Red Fly

Genres: Action (1 players)

US release date: Dec 2nd, 2008 | EU release date: Mar 27th, 2009

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

Some among the four Mushroom Men tribes believe that the secret to winning the Spore War lays in uncovering the facts about the Mushroom's origins. As the myth states, the Mushroom who discovers the truth of this mystery is promised the power to change the entire course of evolution, putting the Mushroom species at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

The tribe that claims this prize can reshape the world any way they see fit. The Amanitas Empire and The Lepiota Order see the myth as a chance to not only defeat the other nations (the Bolete Tribe and the Morel Brotherhood) but also wipe out all of their enemies and put their tribes at the forefront of terrestrial evolution.

Even while the Spore War rages, a great quest amongst all four tribes begins: a race to uncover the truth and reshape the evolutionary course of the Earth. As for the humans, they continue to bumble their way through the world completely unaware of the diminutive forces rising against them. Pax, a Bolete mushroom from the outskirts, doesn't yet understand his place in the events to come. He'll have to learn, and fast, that he's unwittingly been thrust into the middle of this situation.

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User comments


BonbonJoe said:

Gamecock. gg.


r2d2 said:

What is this? Is it a cooking game?


nobody said:

Too bad there are no gameplay screenshots/vids, I can't wait for them to release more info on this. Very original idea.


InsertPageUp said:

Gamecock's Mushroom Men! ROFL! Anyways, the game is about poisonous mushrooms and edible mushrooms have a civil mushroom war. From what I've been hearing this looks like a promising game.


Spanish Mario said:

Aww man I wanted like a Mario game featuring Toad. They should make a Mario game where you become Toad, I would buy it.


hbh said:

Gamecock and Red Fly's Mushroom Men. Someone wanted attention.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

This looks good, and that's a scary thing too, considering only Nintendo and Capcom have made good Wii games.


PsiWren said:

Actually, I'm happy to see Mushroom Men and Conduit's near future coming outs. Mostly 3rd party games for the Wii seem to be just for the quick buck/fix. With these 2 games coming out, I'm hoping that means that some game publishers are starting to be willing to actually put some effort into trying to create some GOOD games for the Wii.

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