Pool Party

Published by SouthPeak, Developed by Evolved

Genres: Sports / Party

US release date: Jul 31st, 2007 | EU release date: -

Pool Party


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User comments


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

I thought it meant a swimming pool party.


Sonic Phantom said:

I'm not too sure about this. I mean it looks good but I'll think about it for a while before I get it.


Ferox said:

Well at least it's the game pool, and not a lame "use the wiimote to swim in your pool" game.


Yamato1 said:

We all knew this was inevitable, having a Pool game for the Wii. I think it looks interesting, but I'd probably just end up renting it.


Scooby Jew said:

Looks good if you have some money to spare, but I don't, so I wouldn't expect me having this game any time soon if ever.


Keith said:

Is it really coming out? I don't see much, if any PR about it now.


DigitalSorceress said:

I bought this game because I really enjoy playing pool, and thought the Wii controls would go nicely with the game mechanics. Nice in theory, but this game doesn't take advantage of the Wii motion sensing worth a darn, and the user interface is annoying. Stick with Wii Play Pool until something better comes along.


TruBlu said:

Looks simple enough. I always enjoy a round of virtual pool.

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