Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Published by Koei, Developed by Koei

Genres: Strategy

US release date: Mar 21st, 2007 | EU release date: -

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI


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User comments


Gonzo said:

New game, wow. If this is like one of those war games, that you create your army and build your city and do stuff like that, my brother might want it.


stinky12694 said:

Wait, is this an rts, a fighting game, or a collection of minigames?


DarkVic said:

Looks different, in a good way.


Zendalf said:

It looks like an rts that goes into a fighting game when the squads attack. Maybe?

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PHiRE said:

Do games like that exist Zendalf? Sounds like a cool concept.


Owlboy said:

Yes they do PhiRE and they should consider naming the next game "Romance of the SAME three kingdoms".


Hey said:

I know the definition of 'romance' is an adventure comedy, but usually there is love in the story. I wonder who the lovers in choice are?


SeAmNiNjA said:

I hope it is a fighting game.


GiGANToR said:

It looks like a turn based strategy game or action strategy game.


ganondorfrules said:

Looks like age of empires or something but yea very interesting indeed. Anyways what does rts mean?


Epacs said:

This game was originally out on snes. Called romancing of the three kingdoms I think.


i got wii said:

I recognize the green dude he's from dynasty warriors. My friend would refuse to use anyone but him and lu-bu(yea funny name).


Ferox said:

Wow. Are you all 12? Romance of the three kingdoms is a kingdom sim with a story based in the ancient dynasty days in China. The first one came out I believe over 10 years ago now, maybe 15. In terms of there being real time or turn based etc, we will have to find out, the games (as you can see this is game 11) have varied.


Anthony said:

This is Dynasty Warriors. Hopefully it's new and not a rip off like the "new" PoP.


Dr D said:

Wow. It's not Dynasty Warriors, although it's based from the same novel. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is based from the novel of the same name. And the game is turn based. In fact, it's already out for the PS2 and PC.


laugh said:

How long have you people been playing video games? Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a turn-based strategy game based off of the ROTK the novel. The first ROTK was a major title for the NES, and ROTK games have been coming out for years and years.


jamie-g said:

I've been waiting for so long now for rottk 9 to come to england, and all of a sudden I see number 11 is out. Will this new version ever come out in PAL? I bloody hope so because I love these games.


Diablo said:

So the guy says "Let's call it Romance of the Three Kingdoms!" the other guy asks why, and he replies "Because it's about war!".


Roboto said:

This game originally came out on the NES. It's based on the book Romance of the three kingdoms about a civil war in china around 200 AD. Another similar game is dynasty warriors, based on the book as well this is a turn based strategy where you build up an army and attack other chinese warlords (such as cao cao, liu bei, dong zhuo, etc).


TruBlu said:

Oh. *giggle* Rome has a crush on Japan. Teehee. This game has a dumb title, huh?


Matt68046 said:

Oh my god none of you except roboto know anything about this series, or probably have heard of Nobunagas Ambition series either.


Hmm said:

It seems I have somehow missed Nobunagas ambition. Many thanks Matt, for fixing this error. And yes, New RoTK! The fourth screenshot intrigues me.

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appsyboy said:

i rememebr playing romance of the three kingdoms, on a PC. a 386, with a monitor that was black and yellow display, in the 90s, there is a retro site with the game on as an emmulator. lots of playability if you can handle the lack of graohics

4 years ago

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