Shrek the Third

Published by Activision, Developed by Shaba

Genres: Action

US release date: May 30th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Shrek the Third


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User comments


jonty said:

Graphics ok. Gameplay? PS: zelda in a jumper?


Gonzo said:

It seems fun, but the history of movie games is poor, so I don't know if I'll be getting this game.

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Nova said:

Looks good for a movie based game.


t-bone said:

This looks pretty good.


Scooby Jew said:

Oh, wonderful! I'll be sure to not get this game, mainly for 2 reasons: 1) It's obviously for children and 2) Those graphics are just simply revolting. I might see the movie though.


Hey said:

More like Shrek the Turd.


Wii Freak said:

Shrek isn't that bad. Just the games.


wheeze said:

I couldn't stop laughing from Hey's comment. Anyway, shrek 2 was a good game but my sister's good file she bragged about mysteriously got deleted. *wink* we never play it any more.


Luigi said:

This might be the best movie-game.


Franksy said:

Most movie games are rubbish but with the amount of reviews I've read I think this might be an exception.


Captain Jamesman said:

This is the best movie game yet.


just talkiing said:

Ya know I think there's a reason why people run away from ogres.


Crimson Hawk said:

I going to see this movie today. Who knows, maybe the game might actually be sweet.


Juniperriver said:

Okay so let me get this straight, this is one of the best Wii games I own. Well except for the fact that it could be a little longer. Other than that whoever said this is the worst game ever is a jerk. Even my mom enjoyed watching me play, which she rarely ever does.

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