The Sims 2: Castaway

Published by EA, Developed by Maxis

Genres: Simulation

US release date: Mar 31st, 2008 | EU release date: -

The Sims 2: Castaway


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User comments


it me jye said:

I love the sims, it would be funny if they got lost and ended up on the set of Lost.


Wii decimates all said:

"Can I make my sims cannibals?" is the true question.


BonbonJoe said:

Woah, this is a really cool kind of theme. I'm guessing there's no Simoleons any more, probably more resources like wood, food and stuff like that.

Avatar 1

Nova said:

Survivor Sims? Weird.


Scooby Jew said:

A Sims 3 would be nice.


charissa said:

This looks better than that mysims on the Wii.


F Zero X said:

Obviously they get rescued in the last pic.


Gdog said:

This looks totally wicked.


Minako said:

Wow, finally a new sims game that's caught my interest! Besides MySims, of course. Man, I'd really love this, I can tell, and apparently you can befriend monkeys.


Darlene said:

Where can I find the death daisy?


midgetman said:

This looks like a great game and I can't wait to get it.


Desperate person said:

Where do you find the death daisy on this game.


Guitar Legend said:

One of your islanders have to die. The death daisy will be on the grave.


Rebecca said:

I love this game! Lots of fun things to find.


Gammmerr said:

How do you kill an islander then? And what do you need the deathdaisy for?


taylor said:

Where do I find a blood orange?


Tayler said:

Is this a fun game? Because I have sims bustin' out for the xbox, but it is kind of dull and repetitive. If anybody thinks this is fun please say so! I would like to buy it if so.

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