We Cheer

Published by Namco Bandai, Developed by Namco Bandai

Genres: Fitness / Rhythm / Action

US release date: Sep 30th, 2008 | EU release date: Feb 6th, 2009

We Cheer


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User comments


Master Foot said:

And I was just about to get GTA4.


dib8rman said:

I showed my girl a trailer just to gauge her reaction, I've never been happier. Let's just saying I'm getting it XD.


i need a wiieww said:

We ski, we cheer, we don't give a crap.


wiimaster said:

We cheer: it's so cool you'll die on it.


cerenziocom said:

Awesome. Another unique game for Wii, and another killer App for me and my girls to play together. Hey, I get to make ladies dance? Sure. Works for me.

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