Super Paper Mario

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: RPG (1 players)

US release date: Apr 9th, 2007 | EU release date: Sep 14th, 2007

Super Paper Mario review

Who would've thought paper made for a great game? Three times!

Joseph The Squirrel wrote this game review.

Review written by
Joseph The Squirrel

Paper Mario began on the N64 as a new branch of the Mario series. As opposed to the Super Mario way, this was a complete RPG and it pulled off a really good game. Then the Gamecube sequel Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door reinvented the entire battle scheme with the introduction of an audience and an even broader, bigger and better storyline; not to mention great characters. Now, a new Paper Mario has jumped from its original destination as a Gamecube title onto the Wii in Super Paper Mario. Here's the catch: it's entirely different... in a good way!

The game begins with the wedding of Bowser and Peach (HUH!?), as hosted by the evil Count Bleck, the antagonist. Just as Peach refuses to marry Bowser, she is hypnotized into stuttering the words "I do", and thus an ancient prophecy foretold of in the Dark Prognosticus comes true and lots of bad stuff happens.

Super Paper Mario screenshotYou jump DIRECTLY into the story, it can be a bit uncomfortable to just pop in but you learn to bypass it and play the game. As Mario goes in for the rescue, it's revealed that he is the hero of the Light Prognosticus and must collect seven Pure Hearts to beat the baddies. The plot seems a little weird compared to the other Paper Marios, but it's nothing to shake a finger at.

The old Paper Mario games were really good. There's no doubt there. They were RPGs where you would walk around on screen, an enemy would rush up to you and a battle would start; simple RPG mechanics. However, the battle was all a part of the entire story. It was a part of the play, if you will (play the games, you'll know what I mean).

Super Paper Mario throws all that out the window and turns it into a platformer, much like the classic Mario Bros. You hold the Wiimote NES style and walk/jump your way around the screen. The paper graphics work their best here, and it's believable. But is that all? Nope. With a press of the A button, you perform what is called a "flip", and switch from 2D to 3D; literally. The entire background moves and objects from the 2D plane are now paper thin, but for real. This allows for lots of new level designs, and trust me there are plenty to go around. Of course, being paper, Mario can't stay in the 3rd dimension forever so he's on a time limit. If he stays there for a long time, his health drops. It's a pretty good system.

Super Paper Mario screenshotWhen I said that the system was thrown out the window, I didn't quite mean all of it. By defeating the on-screen enemies, you will increase your score. After a period of enemy bashing and score boosting, Mario levels up, with either a health or an attack boost.

In the previous Paper Marios, the partners were always the ones who helped you out of your puzzle troubles and fought back in battles. Super Paper Mario gives you Pixls, little cute friends that give you special abilities on the field. Mostly used to just get around puzzles, these good guys come in handy. The big shocker about the partner system is that you get to play as not only Mario, but as Peach AND Bowser too.

Don't misunderstand me; in the old Paper Marios, you could do that as well between the chapters. However, here they are actually played as during Mario's adventure. You can swap them out for Peach's great traveling distance with her parasol, or Bowser's great attack strength with his fire breath on the fly. Although the system is a welcome change, Mario is the only one capable of flipping to the 3rd dimension, which you use frequently. So he's the one used mainly.

Super Paper Mario screenshotThe fact that the game was brought to the Wii should mean new features, right? Well, sorta. The only Wii-ish feature that matters is the ability to point at the screen and freeze everything in order to learn more about it. There are other Wii incorporated features in the game, such as shaking the Wiimote to get style points, or shaking it to avoid falling asleep in battle, but these could just as easily be done with a button. Not too much going on for it.

The entire game is done without voice acting, with this much story in the game you have text instead. The game is wordy. I mean, wordy. Like, as wordy as this review. There will be times you just want this game to ease up and let you play. However, the good news is that the words are actually very fun to read. The game's dialogue is actually funny, you'll chuckle and laugh at the great one-liners or corny things. Some entire chapters will have you busting a gut such as a simulated Sim conversation between a Chameleon nerd and Peach.

The graphics pull off an amazing paper feel and it'll keep you good and satisfied. Of course, this is paper we're talking about, so it's not that hard.

Super Paper Mario screenshotThe sounds of the game are really in-tune and the level music might just stay stuck in your head after you hit the power button. The only complaint would be the lack of voice acting, but then again there would be a WHOLE LOT of it to go around, so it's a mixed feeling.

This game's replay value is pretty good. Although there aren't as many side-quests as I would like, there are certainly some things that you can venture onward for.

Super Paper Mario has to be one of the best Wii titles out there right now, second only to Zelda. This deserves a definite buy and many hours of play. What's in store for Mario next? Origami? Maybe. That one'll probably be good too.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 9

Graphics: Graphics score: 8

Sound: Sound score: 7

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 8

User comments


stinky12694 said:

DAMN YOU! I was going to be the reviewer for this game (but toys r us is taking too long).


Ferox said:

I bought Super Paper Mario and I am happy with the game as well, I did not play the previous paper mario games though. My only problem with this game is that I wish you could play two players.


Wiimaster said:

Nicely done.


Ekaj185 said:

Nice review. I agree.


Wii Wii said:

This game is really good.


Gonzo said:

What's the story about? Anyway, Joseph the Squirrel and Ginger Bloke have the most reviews.


Josepht said:

Thank you all. It's fun to make these things. I can't ever get the Squirrel part spelled right.


JosephTheSquirrel said:

See!? Not even in that last post!


Omega Red said:

Good review man. Game definitely looks worth the money, though I haven't got it yet. I will soon though.


Wii Freak said:

I find this game short.


JosephTheSquirrel said:

Short? Hmm. Well, it can be thought of short, though it has a lot of levels and much in each. It's hard to find which I prefer more, this or the old two versions. The RPG mechanic was more inclined with the story, but this way is a lot more quicker. Hmm. Which to choose.


MarioIsAWereWolf said:

Great game, tons of fun.


jimmy said:

Anyone from Australia? I want to know when it comes out over here! I better get saving.


Game Veteran 2 said:

I agree with JosephTheSquirrel, though I'm right now only half way through the game right now I find the game entertaining and very funny. I have too admit though, this game is missing a few elements from the previous game, (Thousand Year Door which I played and finished). Nevertheless, Super Paper Mario is a game more than worthy of continuing the Paper Mario series.


Wii Freak said:

You can actually get minus points in this game.


Game Veteran 2 said:

I have to admit, Nintendo sure outdid itself in this game. Yeah, I finished it. But the storyline was pretty short (took me only 28 hours to finish it). Nevertheless it was a very entertaining 28 hours. Of course the game had its frustrating moments but put that aside (and the fact that the game was too easy) it's a pretty great game. A friend of mine found that the ending of the story was very emotional, in fact he was about to cry, or was it the onions my mom left out in the kitchen? Hmmmmmmm. Anyway it didn't take me long to find out that this game had quite a lot of replay value. Well see you guys in another post, I have catch cards to collect.


Zach said:

I love the nerd, I found the character hilarious. I did find the game to get rather tedious at times, and holy crap wordy, but nevertheless a good game.


IanB said:

When does this come out in the UK? Anyone?

Avatar 0

james said:

Wicked awesome game!


Deadlyblack said:

Have it. It's the best Paper Mario I have ever seen.


lman07 said:

This was an amazing review. You have my props.


Mark said:

Big fan of the Mario franchise, and I enjoyed this game until around level 3. The pressing the A button to advance through talk balloons accounts for about 60% of the game. You're better off downloading Super Mario World for $8.


handpuppet said:

I'm a big fan of paper mario. The thousand year door was awesome! I'm kind of sad they took away the stage and audience though.


Jack Glasgow said:

Nice review bud.


Vive la Oui said:

So it FINALLY came out in Europe. I still would like to add my comments: My only problem with this game is that it's too much like the other Paper-Marios puzzle-wise. Really, almost all the pixlz are the same as your buddies in Paper Mario (and the Thousand Year Door) and therefore the puzzles need to be solved in the same way too. As much as I loved the game, this made it far too easy and I REALLY needed to stretch it to come up with 24 playing hours. I could have finished it in 18 or less. And just because I almost never had to stop and think about how to open a certain pipe, defeat a boss, or whatever. I seriously only had this three (.) times in the entire game. The rest was just: No door/platform? Oh, use remote. Crack in wall? Use bomb. Pipe blocked? Use hammer. Too bad, this could have been fixed easily by coming up with some new game-mechanics. The other thing that bugs me is that another usual Nintendo characteristic is missing: that you need items (Pixlz) you don't have yet to solve certain puzzles or side-paths (think Metroid). This always makes it far more rewarding to go back to a previous level (which is made really easy in this game. Nice.) to backtrack and find more goodies. All in all, I really enjoyed the game and loved every minute of it, but it never really posed any challenge (defeated the final boss on the first try) because of these things. So, if you haven't played ANY Paper Mario yet, it is a MUST BUY. Really one of the best Wii games out now, and as Joseph said, only second to Zelda. However, if you have played PM (or the TYD), rent it first, see if you can finish it in a day, because you probably can. If you can't, buy it anyway and don't mind my ramblings.


Rags said:

My only complaint is the game is too easy, since it is in real time. But it's still fun.


davyt0247 said:

The only thing I would like to add is that you play as Luigi for a short time. His jump is higher than all the others.


Son Ninja said:

From 2D to 3D. Stuck in 2D, shift into 3D and continue playing. What you find in 2D may not be what you find in 3D so you had to get use to both. This game is one game of a masterpiece. Why do I feel that only Nintendo's games are the only ones inventing new ideas these days.


Kiefer said:

I like Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door much better than this.


Venezuelan said:

What I don't like about this game is that you only get three partners overall. If it wasn't for the pixls then they would have been there because I would have loved to get a Yoshi in this game.

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