My Horse and Me

Published by Atari, Developed by W

Genres: Simulation (1 players)

US release date: Feb 5th, 2008 | EU release date: Nov 23rd, 2007

My Horse and Me


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User comments


bill cosby jr said:

Bad grammar oh you know what I mean, a gu gu gu. It should be my horse and I? A gu gu gu.


LatinaX said:

I wonder how this will be much different from Horsez 2. It looks like Horsez 2 has more to do on it and has better graphics, I guess we'll just have to see.


HorseGal said:

I say between this game and Horsez 2, this is the best. I went to the official website, it is so awesome. I will totally get this game. I was disappointed with Horsez 1, it was pathetic.


I love Horses x said:

I do not have this game, but I'm getting a Wii for Christmas, so I should probably get this. My friend says it's ace.


desdemona said:

Oh my god, my neighbor has this game. It's so awesome, even if you aren't a horse person. P.S what's with bill cosby jr?


horsemad said:

My horse and I! Kids would think it's a stupid game since they aren't used to saying that.


SmartHarse said:

There is no reason that the pronoun ought to be conjugated to I from me. The title could very well be "Me and my horse". Without the horse the game would be called "Me", not "I". Children have no idea which is correct any more and clearly neither do any of you. So do like the children: enjoy the game for what it is and don't let your lack of language comprehension spoil it all for you because you can't get past the title! Meez out yo.

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