Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Published by Ubisoft, Developed by Ubisoft

Genres: Strategy / Shooting

US release date: Nov 28th, 2006 | EU release date: -

Splinter Cell: Double Agent review

Sam crawls from the shadows and into the light of the Wii.

Splintercell4ever wrote this game review.

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Now in the fourth game of the series, Sam Fisher has taught us one very important lesson: It takes more than guns to save the world. Splinter Cell has been dubbed one of the most realistic games in the video game industry. The problem? The games on the Nintendo systems have been half-assed and missing key features. Will Double Agent be any different?

Double Agent starts off not too far from the end of Chaos Theory, where you will be put in another ubiquitous plot that only Tom Clancy would understand. Sam has his usual multifarious arsenal of weapons including the SC Pistol, the SC-20K and the newfound favorite: knife.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent screenshotAfter Sam escapes prison, the game completely takes off into a new direction for the series: becoming a double agent. As a double agent, you will be given objectives by two organizations, the NSA and JBA, and must decide which to follow. A trust meter displays the two groups' feelings toward Sam, where the goal is for you to keep the bar near the center.

Sam will often be faced with tough choices, such as letting thousands die to save his ass. This proves that Sam is a true hero, and is not some snake eating psycho who accepts invitations to other video games (cough cough Super Smash Bros).

Since everybody is wondering about the inclusion of the motion sensor controls (if anyone is going to read this review) they consist of three things. Just three. They include raising the nunchuck to jump, twisting the nunchuck to make Sam lean against walls, and using the wiimote for lock-picking.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent screenshotIt is disappointing that it was not utilized as the knife for slitting throats and defusing bombs. This is where Nintendo really dropped the bomb, because the controls could have been the saving grace.

Graphically, the game could have been done better. The textures and lighting effects are better than the Gamecube's, but nowhere near the other current consoles. However, graphics during the cutscenes are very well done.

Fisher is voiced once again by Michael Ironside, who does an excellent job of developing him. This time around, Fisher has a love interest part of the JBA, which often causes Sam to think she said something suggestive, while it was simply to plant a charge.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent screenshotCo-op is back, where you will play as Special Agent Bob and Secret Agent Steve, two of the finest official or unofficial splinter cell agents. A few new Co-op moves have been introduced, such as the Emperor's New Groove influenced back-to-back climb. The Co-op missions themselves are much longer than the ones in CT.

Much to the anger of many, vs. mode was scraped from the game. This was perhaps done due to the Wii's current absence of online play, but they still could have simplified it to 2 on 2. The absence of vs. mode made CT a lot less innovative than it was on the other consoles, and should have been a must for the Wii.

You will probably finish the game faster than you did in Chaos Theory, making the loss of vs. mode a colossal crush. However, the game will still deliver the great experience you expect from a Tom Clancy game.

If Nintendo wants to make the Splinter Cell series become a staple in its lineup, it has to make sure Ubisoft includes all the key features, as well make good use of the Wii controller. Until then, the series on the Big N will be slightly below average to its competitors.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 6

Graphics: Graphics score: 6

Sound: Sound score: 10

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 8

User comments

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PHiRE said:

Good review.


cmk said:

I agree, good review.


Gonzo said:

Well explained review, B-, this game might not be that good.


Splintercell4ever said:

It's alright. I could have extended the paragraph length. Thanks though.

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josh said:

Nice review, I don't think I'll buy it though.


Wastedyuthe said:

When I rented this game, I kept it for a few days then sent it back. The problem for me was, I had never played a Splinter Cell game before. I managed to complete the first level (before being thrown into prison) without any problems, and I really enjoyed it. However, I didn't enjoy the prison level and thought the game would get a lot more complex when you have to start choosing allegiances. If the game were to continue along the lines of the first level, that would be great for those new to the series. But as it is, it was too complex for my tastes- I just wanted to sneak around and shoot people!


Splintercell4ever said:

Try Chaos Theory. The first level is along the lines of pretty much every mission in the previous game.


TAKK said:

Nintendo didn't develop the controls, ubisoft did.


Gonzo said:

Splintercell4ever, you had to review every Splinter Cell! Anyway, do you really have all of the Splinter Cells?


Chibito said:

I highly doubt the reliability of a review of SC made by someone called Splintercell4ever. But still it's not bad, quite good actually.


Chris said:

This is an amazing game that is very fun to play. I just don't like how in the review he talks crap about solid snake. Splinter Cell and Metal Gear are the best sneaking games.


Splintercell4ever said:

I didn't review every splinter cell. This is the only splinter cell game I've reviewed so far.


sweatybeast said:

So do you aim with the nunchuck or the Wiimote? That sounds like a deciding factor in me buying this game.


Splintercell4ever said:

(sighs) I really should have included that in the review. You aim with the wiimote. It is real hard in this game, and takes more time and accuracy.


Wiirks said:

Thanks for the review, really good. I'll probably buy it, but second hand or if I can find it cheap.


Splintercell4ever said:

You're welcome. It's good investment no matter what.


PhireballMS said:

The splinter cell series has provided a challenge the whole way through, and Double Agent is no different. Especially deciding whether to kill, or save people.

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