Conduit 2

Published by Sega, Developed by High Voltage

Genres: FPS / Shooting (4 players)

US release date: Apr 19th, 2011 | EU release date: Apr 21st, 2011

Conduit 2

Building upon the success of the original, Conduit 2 will take players to the far reaches of the world to stop an alien invasion that can be fought in single-player, online multi-player battles, and all-new off and online co-op modes.

Armed with advanced and powerful weapons, players can expect massive action in large, multi-tiered levels featuring dynamic environments, cinematic battles, giant boss enemies, and deep customization features.

Conduit 2 introduces Team Invasion Mode, the new co-op mode where players will be able to battle side-by-side with up to four friends on the same screen. Additionally Team Invasion Mode can be played online.

Conduit 2 also features a new and more expansive 12-player online competitive multiplayer mode with larger and more intricate indoor and outdoor battlefields. Conduit 2 supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Wii Speak and offers increased multiplayer security for a better online gameplay experience.

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With The Conduit, High Voltage Software set out to do the improbable, and create a successful core shooter game for the Wii. While the game wasn't a huge success, it nonetheless wasn't a failure either, and with at least a quarter of a million copies sold, managed to break full review

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Jk said:

When does conduit 2 come out in australia.


btbent said:

I'm pretty sure in september.


WiiNinja said:

Meh, Goldeneye caught my wallet.


chris said:

Hey I just wanted to know what the game will be rated and how much it will cost.

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matthew said:

What age is it?


dt said:


8 posts

PAL96 said:

I am hoping for a Conduit 3D for 3DS!!!

1 decade ago

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RayJ said:

@PAL96 good call, that would be awesome.

1 decade ago

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