The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: RPG / Adventure

US release date: - | EU release date: -

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword



Very good

Ever since details on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword were released, it has been subject to an enormous amount of controversy. From the game requiring Wii Motion Plus and motion controls, to the game being another prequel, to being stylized in a similar fashion to The full review

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User comments


Nkid said:

Can't wait, hope to see a special Wii bundle available as the old wii's having problems reading wii/GC games (9000Hours MKW with cheats).


Parv said:

It's a shame that the Motion Plus wasn't working efficiently at the time. Feel sorry for Miyamoto, it must have been embarrassing, especially since they rehearsed before-hand as well. Well, at least we get cel-shaded adult Link.


Derp said:

Cel-Shading in a Zelda game is absolutely and horrendously disgusting. That's why I didn't play Wind Waker and that's why I'm probably not going to play this one. I love the story in Zelda and the depth in pretty much every game, but the graphics matter in the newer Zelda titles.


WiiNinja said:

The MotionPlus worked perfectly on the show floor. Has anyone had trouble pointing at the screen when a light's on in the other room? Infrared signals pick up from certain light sources around or near the sensor bar, from a reflection of the sun on a window to a transparent light-bulb. Applying this, I can only imagine the hell on earth Miyamoto was experiencing when thousands of cameras went flashing in his direction. And @Derp: Getting past the cel-shading aspect was a hard thing for us all. But when I actually sat down and started playing it, Wind Waker was an awesome game. If you're looking for something "absolutely and horrendously disgusting," then you're looking at the wrong game. After all, the same company you're patronizing made great quality games of its time: The Prime series, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine (which used cel-shading, and was considered an evolutionary leap in GRAPHICS from Super Mario 64), F-Zero GX, and the Pikmin series. There is great quality in what Nintendo has to offer. As Miyamoto recently stated, "what's very important is that the person playing the game be able to feel naturally accepting of the world that's been created for them to play in.".


Brawler 200 said:

Derp: You're just overreacting like an idiot. I mean seriously, what kind of fan are you? Windwaker was (and still is) a great Zelda game, and idiots like you never gave it a chance just because it had celshaded graphics in it. Well let me be one of the many people who say this: "Graphics isn't the most important thing in any videogame, the experience is.".


one person said:

Well I personally don't see wind waker as a Zelda game, because it didn't follow suite for the previous generations of it. However I will agree with you it is a good game.


-Sigh- said:

You can't please everyone. Most of you need to look past the cover of Cel-Shading in WW and actually play the game. It isn't like Cel-Shading is crap, it's that your opinion on graphics is too high. Nintendo wanted to try something new. Yes the graphics was decreased but the experience was still grand. Don't put off Skyward Sword because of that. Nintendo is working hard to keep us happy (and their pockets full). We should at least be thankful for what they can bring us.


Doxer said:

Graphics don't make a game, and I'm really getting tired of hearing otherwise. A game can look perfect and still be have a terrible feel (cough gears of war cough). Gameplay makes a game, period. WW is one of the best Zeldas. Get over yourself.


Elweb said:

Graphics have been steadily ruining gaming as graphic technology gets more and more advanced. Look at some of the epic rpg's belonging to the snes. In my eyes, games like seiken densetsu 3 (which had pixels as graphics), it is one of the best rpg's to walk this earth. Money doesn't revolve around good stories though, it revolves around revolutionary 3d graphics.


hi said:

It looks awesome, though the controls looked a little dodgy. Cel-shaded does look weird, but hey, it's different. I can't wait for it to come out! It better be bundled with the Wii motion plus.

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mike said:

At least I know when it will be out in Holland; 15 November, so I'm guessing that in America it will be out around August.

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Brawler200 said:

@One person: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, wind waked was a genuine Zelda game thick and through. You most likely said that because the graphic were different and if that's what you meant then you should just say that.

1 decade ago

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