Victorious Boxers Revolution

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Genres: Sports / Fighting

US release date: Oct 27th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Victorious Boxers Revolution


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User comments


quartzlcc said:

What the hell?


Jrapocalypse said:

Now this looks kind of cool! But will we ever see a new mike tyson's boxing spun off the original with Wii mote control?


Sonic Fan said:

Boxing on regular consoles seemed dumb in my case. Let's just hope the Wii doesn't screw this one up.


Umm... said:

Better than Wii Sports Boxing? I would say probably.


Nintendo iQue said:

Oh. This looks fancy! When will it be released?


wiiboy101 said:

Kind of next-gen old-school arcade art direction, love it.


XichDick Wiitasm said:

I'm having super punchout flashbacks.


Insrt Wii pun here said:

I'd rather play Wii Sports boxing.


Wiipaw! said:

And they said the Wii couldn't produce next-gen graphics.


Ruroni Otaku said:

Ah ah! That one's for the Anime fans, who'll surely recognize Hajime no Ippo. Let's just hope for an European release as well.


Yung Foo said:

Maybe you can bite people's ears off. Now that would be awesome!


DarkVic said:

I wish they came up with a normal fighting game exclusively for the Wii. Kind of like Dead or Alive for the Xbox.


Crimson Hawk said:

Sounds interesting. I might get it.


Hey said:

I saw this in a Japanese arcade, except it wasn't a Wii game of course. You use boxing gloves. It was really fun.


golden eye said:

Wii sports boxing is hit and miss, I know the potential is there for tight controls, I just hope the developer got it right for this one. It looks pretty cool.


Claudio said:

Man why it is named Victorious Boxers. The name sucks. Anyway I really want this Hajime no Ippo game.


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Looks bad when it comes to graphics. It might be good because of anime. ANIME ROCKS!

Avatar 1

AlexKidd said:

I saw some gameplay of this game over on youtube and it looks pretty amazing.


Deadlyblack said:

Graphics looks good, like DBZ Budokai tenkachi series. It would be a good fighting game for boxing fans.


blade said:

This is a spinoff of Hajime no Ippo. Some boxing anime.


winnkey said:

Blade this is an Ippo game, it was simply renamed for non-Japanese consumers because if they saw a funny name they would be turned off. It's not a spin off.

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